Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lorax: How Many Ways Can We Make 15 cents?

I have decided that on Friday, my kinders and I will be celebrating Earth Day with a "birthday party" of sorts for Mother Earth.  After reading The Lorax in the morning, we will be doing some Lorax math in the afternoon. 

We have been learning about money in math, so on Friday, we are going to practice different ways of making 15 cents (the price you'll pay if you want to speak with the Once-ler!).  After making 15 cents using real money, I'm going to have my students make (and decorate) the Once-ler's pail and glue paper coins to show how they made 15 cents.  It will look a little something like this:

Then, I'll create a display of the different ways to make 15 cents on the board outside our classroom!  I've put together a kit of the materials needed to give this is a go in your classroom.  It's currently FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers, so please check it out and leave me some feedback (here and/or on Teachers Pay Teachers)!  I'll update with more pictures once my kinder mathematicians have created their pails with 15 cents. 


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